Ratty's House

Some time ago, I was asked to build Ratty's House from Wind in the Willows for a special customer.  It was such a pleasure to build!  As it was my first build, I approached it the same way I do my furniture-  trying to use authentic construction techniques and materials.  It has five rooms and a basement, as well as a dock and waterfront landscaping.   There are some special touches, like a beautiful stained glass window by Barbara Sabria, a stone fireplace, and wall plaster "falling off" to reveal the framing underneath.   After being well loved for several years, the house has found its way back to me.  I have finished making a few repairs, and now it is ready to be loved again!  I have offered to try and find a home for it.  It would be very difficult to ship, but if you are interested, reach out, and I will try to work out a delivery!